Winbond to Upgrade NOR Flash Production Capacity to Solve Shortage


TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese NOR Flash memory manufacturer Winbond Electronics Corporation yesterday stated that there is a significant global supply shortage of NOR Flash memory with many clients waiting for the delivery of their orders. In response, Winbond will upgrade their production capacity and hope to be able to alleviate this supply shortage problem next year.

Currently, there is a global NOR chip supply shortage, which is preventing numerous product shipments and has even affected the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.

Winbond pointed out that they currently have a monthly production capacity of 43,000 to 44,000 chips, which is expected to increase to 48,000 by the end of the year. Winbond hopes to further increase their production capacity to 52,000 to 53,000 per month next year.

Winbond Chairman and CEO Arthur Yu-Cheng Chiao commented that their new production capacity is expected to increase in June with each wafer having the capacity to produce 20,000 IC.

Arthur Yu-Cheng Chiao also stated that Winbond's flagship NOR Flash business accounted for 35% of the global market; furthermore, their niche DRAM business accounted for 1.3% of the global market.