Q1 2017 Taiwan IC Revenue Decline 11.3% On-quarter


The TSIA survey showed that Q1 2017 Taiwan IC revenue as a whole (including design, manufacturing, packaging and testing) totaled NT$571.4 billion(US$18.3B) (11.3% decline on-quarter and up 5.0% on-year).

Separately, with NT$139.8 billion in design(US$4.5 B) (12.5% drop on-quarter and down 3.7% on-year), NT$320.8 billion in manufacturing(US$10.3B) (down 11% on-quarter and up 8.6% on-year; Foundry NT$284.9B (US$9.1B), down 9.2% on-quarter and up 14.4% on-year; Memory NT$35.9B (US$1.2B), down 23.3% on-quarter and down 22.5% on-year), NT$77B in packaging (US$2.5B) (10.3% decrease on-quarter and up 5.5% on-year), and NT$33.8B in testing(US$1.1B) (11.1% decrease on-quarter and up 10.8% on-year). Exchange rate NT$/US$ is 31.2.

Taiwan IC revenue in 2017 is expected to reach NT$2,535.0B (US$81.3B) (3.5% increase from 2016), with NT$653.8B in design (US$21.0B) (0.1% increase), NT$1,391.7B in manufacturing (US$44.6B) (4.5% increase; Foundry NT$1,246.7B (US$40B), up 8.5%; Memory NT$145.0B (US$4.6B), down 21.1%), NT$338.2B in packaging (US$10.8B) (4.4% increase), and NT$151.3B in testing(US$4.8B) (up 8.1%). Exchange rate NTD/USD is 31.2.