TSMC to supply 100 mil. new chips for Apple

From : China Post

World-leading chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly gearing up to start mass production on "A11" chips for its key client Apple Inc. next month, with the goal of producing 100 million chips by year-end.

Citing sources from TSMC's supply chain, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News said Apple had demanded the firm produce at least 50 million chips by July, adding that the chipmaker's record-breaking production goals could reflect Apple's confidence in the sales performance of their 10th-anniversary iPhone.

Apple has reportedly entrusted the Taiwanese chipmaker to be the exclusive chip manufacturer for their new smartphones, snubbing TSMC competitor Samsung.

TSMC's design for the advanced 10-nanometer A11 processors, which will power the upcoming iPhone series scheduled to launch this September, is unknown but the report indicated that it has been developed with a combination of integrated fan-out wafer-level packaging and the FinFET processes.

In general, lower nanometers means better efficiency and better performance as the lower the distance between transistors, the lower the voltage required to run at equivalent clock speeds.

The A11 chip is fabricated at 10nm, a reduction from the iPhone 7 A10 chip's 16nm.

This year's iPhone devices are expected to pack significantly better battery life, and rumors so far suggest a larger and borderless OLED display, facial recognition, a possible return to a glass body, improved dual-cameras, no physical home button and wireless charging.

This year marks the 10th birthday since the very first smartphone from Apple was unveiled by Steve Jobs in January 2007, and it is widely believed that the big anniversary could mean the U.S. tech giant will announce new features that may revolutionize Apple's phone design.

There are various leaks that seem to be in agreement on what the next generation iPhone will have to offer, but none of them have agreed on the product's commercial name. Popular monikers people have used include the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro and iPhone Edition.