Micron Makes Move On Flash Storage Systems

From : Forbes

At an announcement event in New York City, Micron announced its SolidScale platform architecture allowing NVMe storage, including NVMe over fabric capabilities or data intensive workloads and cloud-native applications. This initiative represents a move by Micron into the storage systems business. Micron also indicated that this introduction is a start at optimizing operating software to take advantage of the low latency and high performance available from modern solid-state storage.

Micron introduced the Micron SolidScale architecture for low-latency, high-performance access to compute and storage resources. The Micron software defined storage provides services that will likely be found in the upcoming NVMe over fabric standards that are currently in development. This allows unlocking benefits from shared storage combined with the performance of server-side flash.

The company says that this platform architecture is designed for future cloud native environments, while supporting legacy applications. Darren Thomas, VP of the Storage Business Unit at Micron said that SSDs deployed in application servers today are on average using less than 50% of their native IOPS and capacity. The SolidScale architecture shares capacity across application servers, allowing customers to do more with their flash memory capacity and performance.

Micron SolidScale platform connects multiple server nodes using high-speed RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE). As shown in the image below the SolidScale nodes use U.2 form-factor Micron 9100 family of SSDs. The storage nodes hold 24 SSDs, in banks of 8 drives. The 9100 SSDs hold up to 3.2TB capacity, enabling up to about 76TB per node.

Micron SolidScale Solid State Storage Node with NVMe U.2 SSDs[/caption]

Preliminary tests of the Micron SolidScale platform measured over 10.9M IOPS with 3-2U SolidScale nodes. End to end latency is advertised as less than 200 microseconds. Scaling of storage and performance can be done by adding additional nodes.

According to Micron, SolidScale is a dual-purpose design that provides customers with a scalable, high performance block storage software defined storage (SDS) architecture. Designed for the most demanding application workloads including big data and analytics, database acceleration and high-performance computing, among others, it can also be used as a foundational NVMe over fabric infrastructure for next-generation data centers, forming the backbone for multi-faceted file systems.

Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) over fabrics is a developing technology specification that is designed to enable NVMe commands to transfer data between a host computer and a target solid-state storage device or system over a network such as Ethernet Fiber Channel or InfiniBand.